Alchemical Formulation

Our unique formulations, exacting specifications, and direct supply chain. 


Cannabidiol (CBD)

Our Farm & Formula

Alchemy CBD is the fruit of our partnership with a cooperative farming program in Colorado where farmers are empowered to transition crops to organic hemp. Support is offered to them in all stages: from growing to harvest to marketing - thus providing an opportunity to earn significantly more revenue per acre!

Once harvested, we carefully extract our magnificent cannabidiol through a supercritical CO2 process yielding a solvent-free, THC-free, highly potent full-spectrum golden CBD oil.

We believe in impeccable standards for superior results & perpetual wellness. This is why we chose to pair a CBD
of such high caliber with MCT oil. Its composition increases bioavailability of cannabinoids by up to 25% - an alchemical synergy enabling optimal delivery & absorption.

We only conduct business with those who share our uncompromising standards, and test to ensure every drop of  Alchemy meets our rigorous specifications for quality, purity, and potency.

I gave a bottle of your 1,000mg Alchemy CBD to my friend who has leukemia. After only 3 days he called to tell me that for the first time in months, he could taste food again and felt so much better not only could he walk but he played basketball! This is clearly a superior product to any I’ve seen on the CBD marketplace.
— Max, Purchasing Manager, Detroit Vape Shoppe

Why THIS CBD? Our Specifications

  • Full Spectrum - entourage effect
  • Organically grown hemp extract
  • Supercritical CO2 extracted
  • Ethically & sustainably produced
  • Solvent-free
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free
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Alchemy & Bioavailability

Coconut Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

Cannabinoids are fat soluble, meaning they break down and are stored in fat rather than water. Because of this trait, cannabinoids are most effective when consumed with fat, increasing their bioavailability. However, the type of fat matters.

Saturated fats are important carriers for cannabinoids to be absorbed into the body. Coconut oil contains saturated fat at levels close to 80%, giving cannabinoids the fat cells it needs to move through the body, encouraging faster processing and use by the endocannabinoid system.

Specifically, coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides or fatty acids. Using coconut oil or other products that contain MCT oils triggers a relatively rapid release of cannabinoids when compared to other oils because MCT oils are directly metabolized into energy by the liver. This means that your body can burn those fats and put them – and the cannabinoids they hold – to use right away.


CBD Sublingual Administration

The absorption of a supplement is its transfer from the site of administration to the bloodstream. The medical term for this absorption is called the bioavailability, defined as “the degree and rate at which a substance (such as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity.”

Though edibles infused with CBD oil may be delicious and smoking may be a tradition, CBD sublingual administration provides far more bioavailability. This means that you can take less of the substance sublingually and receive equal or greater effects because the compounds remain intact when entering the bloodstream.

For proper CBD sublingual use, place your desired amount of CBD tincture under the tongue and leave it there without swallowing for one to two minutes. The longer you can wait and allow the oil to be absorbed by the mucous membranes under the tongue, the more effective your dose will be.

CBD and Carrier Oil

Alchemical Synergy between MCT and CBD

CBD Sublingual Administration

Some fatty acids bypass the first metabolism and are directly converted into energy by the liver, allowing them to disseminate into the bloodstream more rapidly. This is important for any delivery of CBD - even sublingual - because there is a small percentage of cannabidiol that is swallowed unless held under the tongue for the appropriate time needed to pass into the bloodstream. If not for the amazing power of MCT, the cannabidiol that is swallowed would need to pass through the entire digestive system and much of its benefit would be lost. 

Administering CBD with medium-chain triglycerides (fatty acids) is known to increase bioavailability of cannabidiol by up to 25%!