Laboratory Analysis

The suppliers with whom we have chosen to conduct business share our appreciation for uncompromising quality and ethics.
We also ensure every drop of oil meets our specifications by obtaining third party laboratory testing - performed on all CBD and MCT we purchase.

The statements and results in this report have not been examined, approved, or endorsed by the FDA.
These reports are for informational purposes and should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical related symptoms.

Human Analysis

Nothing speaks to the efficacy of a product like the words of those who have experienced it!
We absolutely adore hearing about your experience with Alchemy CBD - if you should like to submit a testimonial, we'll send you a little gift in gratitude!

Currently using a half to quarter dropper full of your 1000mg tincture. I’ve had a pinched nerve in my neck for 6 years due to a stress injury and subsequent car accident which didn’t allow it to heal properly. I finally went to the doctor recently who prescribed muscle relaxants. This sort of helped but luckily I received your CBD shortly afterwards. The first day I used it, I noticed that my neck didn’t hurt anymore. The pain was completely gone. I can still feel the tightness but it doesn’t hurt anymore. Incredible!
— Sam - Bala Cynwyd, PA
I will be ordering a few bottles next time. By far the most noticeable CBD product I’ve tried. I’m excited for the possibilities this will give me in sales. This creates a release of doubt for me. When I’m relaxed, I’m selling and in flow. No other way to describe it.
— Todd - Boise, ID
Most CBD oils have a musty flavor that isn’t quite enjoyable - we often have to mask it with flavorings. But WOW! The Space Grade Labs Alchemy CBD actually tastes DELICIOUS. You can actually TASTE the superior nature of this CBD extract!
— Alana, Chief Formulator, Exquisite Edibles
This is BY FAR one of, if not THE BEST cdb oils I have used! I have tried four other brands, and taste wise this is by far the best, but more importantly it works! I have intense chronic pain from diabetic neuropathy in my hands and feet that is controlled by CBD. Before taking CBD the only form of pain relief I had was from pharmaceuticals, but they were not taking away my pain very well, and it left me in a haze and suicidal. CBD has made it possible for me to have better days and not be so worn out from battling pain.
— Lance - Philadelphia, PA
I gave a bottle of your 1,000mg Alchemy CBD to my friend who has leukemia. After only 3 days he called to tell me that for the first time in months, he could taste food again and felt so much better not only could he walk but he played basketball! This is clearly a superior product to any I’ve seen on the CBD marketplace.
— Max, Purchasing Manager, Detroit Vape Shoppe