We always seek to collaborate with like minds to bring this ever expanding vision to fruition.  We welcome your ideas, suggestions, feedback, and investor relations.


Space Grade Labs is dedicated to empowering human potential through the use of natural, botanical products. Our fundamental objective is to develop unique, cutting edge, artisan-grade botanical products and sell them at prices that keep them accessible to our customers. We will continually strive to curate a community of informed and educated consumers while cultivating a synergy between mother nature, our company, and our customers. We aim to become a globally recognized brand that asserts itself as an industry leader in the fastest growing market in the world. Our goal is to perpetuate our economic growth while achieving a vertically integrated business model. Our motto is: Healing Together.

Our Vision

Inspired by the power of CBD, we’ve devoted ourselves in pursuit of the most dynamic, comprehensive, effective means to extract and deliver its healing properties. We operate with profound respect for both the plant and those who seek the relief it provides - as you will see from the family of products we’re developing, as well as the price tags on them. 

Our Principles

  • uncompromising integrity
  • complete transparency
  • sustainability in sourcing
  • purity of process
  • affordability
  • accessibility

Our Contributions

10% of all profits are donated to The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

The Team

Caleb McClain

hyperspace ace

Vanessa Barg

chocolate girl